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As one of the leading sources for rental costumes, theatrical costumes, and mascots – Akron Design & Costume has shipped items to every state in the United States. The pure diversity and abudance of their stock will be the resource you need for your next project!

Here are a few testimonials from previous clients:.

Great company, and very helpful. I placed an order for a costume for gloves, and ordered the wrong color. It was my mistake. They were extremely helpful in fixing my order, and the correct order was shipped right away. I received both orders within days. If I need similar costumes apparel, I would not hesitate to order from Akron Design.


I have been to so many costume stores (because I love Halloween) and Akron Design & Costume is the best. When you first walk into the store, you’ll realized how LARGE of a selection they have. I go there year round for parties and events. I’ve gone there for Plus Size costumes for a 50s event, deluxe Renaissance Medeival rental costumes for a ren fair, a big mascot rental costume for my kid’s party, and I always find the newest costumes at Halloween for sale.


I’m an Elvis impersonator I needed white boots and a real hear wig for a show I was doing. I had a show in two days, they were my last resort! They had the boots but i couldn’t pay for them that day, so they reserved them for me since it was their last pair. They have a lot of wigs but I needed a special one. They ordered it from somewhere in California and got it to me overnight!