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Rent Costumes for Modern Millie

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Set in 1922, the story revolves around the adventures of Millie Dillmount, who escapes to New York City from Salina, Kansas determined to marry her wealthy boss - whoever he may be. Shedding her country girl image for the modern look of a "flapper", she takes a room at the Priscilla Hotel for Women and gets a job as a stenographer at the Sincere Trust Insurance Company. In short time, she finds herself involved with Jimmy Smith, an apparently ne'er-do-well paper clip salesman, Miss Dorothy Brown, a genteel aspiring actress who never seems to have spare change, Trevor Graydon, her no-nonsense boss, and Muzzy van Hossmere, a madcap heiress with a zest for the high life.

The Priscilla Hotel proves to be a front for a white slavery ring, headed by Mrs. Meers, the property's proprietor, and her two bumbling Asian henchmen. Her ideal target is an attractive orphaned girl with no family who won't be missed if she suddenly disappears. Millie, who gets mail from home on a regular basis, is hardly a likely candidate, but Miss Dorothy (as she insists she be called), who hasn't a soul in the world, is perfect.

When Millie puts two-and-two together and realizes what has transpired, shedevises a harebrained scheme to save her friend from the clutches of the white slavers before Miss Dorothy is shipped to the Far East. Before long, Jimmy's in drag, Trevor is drugged, and fireworks are exploding everywhere in Chinatown, with all the chaos eventually leading to a happy ending.


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Rental Costumes for Modern Mille

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