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magic flute

Magic Flute Theater Costume Rentals

Mozart’s fantastical opera, The Magic Flute is newly adapted with dialogue, puppetry, and plenty of surprises for the whole family.  Prince Tamino has wandered too far from home, and becomes ensnared by the Queen of the Night who sends him on a journey to rescue her kidnapped daughter, Pamina. Tamino is joined by Papageno, a funny birdcatcher who, like Tamino, longs for a love of his own.  With nothing but a magic flute to protect them, Papageno and Tamino step into the kingdom of Sarastro and discover that the reasons for Pamina’s capture are far more complicated than anyone could have imagined. Featuring some of the most famous and glorius music Mozart ever wrote, this comedic opera is his last and arguably his finest work for the stage.

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Completing the costume plot request form will provide you with a list of prices and characters available. Our costumes vary in price depending on character and measurements. The request form also allows for the theatrical department to verify availability for the dates you intend to use the garments.

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You will be providing information for a costume plot only. This does not guarantee availability. The costumes have not been reserved until you complete a theatrical rental contract and provide accurate measurements. After you receive a plot, you can then complete a theatrical rental contract to secure the costumes for your production dates!